1. Rent a Car Price

The prices are valid on the current price List. The tenant is liable for all charges, taxes, fines and punishments, arising in connection with the use of the vehicle which is Gold Rent a Car tasked for, unless they have been caused by faults of Gold Rent a Car.

2. Restitution of the car

The tenant is obligated to deliver the vehicle in time at the arranged place or to be in the hotel at return time. Returns of less than 1,5 hour late (up to 89 minutes) will not be charged. Returns 1,5 hour late or later will result in half charge of one more day. Returns more than 3 hours (up to 179 minutes) late will result in full charge of one more day. Extending the Rent a Car duration is possible at time of check-out or during the Rent a Car itself (according to Gold Rent a Car acceptance).

3. Payment

With rent beginning a deposit by height of the expected final price is payable. The difference is to be paid with return of the vehicle.

4. Reservation, takeover and cancellation

Reservations are only binding for price groups, not for vehicle types. The vehicle is to be taken over at the latest one hour after the arranged time, then Gold Rent a Car is no more bound to the reservation. Cancelation must occur at the latest 24 hours before rent beginning. If not, a day rent is to be paid, unless, the vehicle could be rented to another customer.

5. Drivers

The vehicle only may be driven by the tenant or another driver who ist named in the contract. Every driver must have a valid driver licence. The tenant has to give the names and adresses of all drivers when required by Gold Rent a Car, if thea are not named in the contract.

6. Forbidden Use, Entrance restrictions

It is forbidden, to use the vehicle for

to participate in motorsports contests or events and vehicle tests

to transport highly inflammable, toxically or other dangerous substances

to commit duty or other punishable acts

to sublet the vehicle

to drive in unsuitable area (beach; unfortified streets with normal car)

every other use which goes beyond the contract.

The vehicle may only be used in Turkey.


Repairs which become necessary in order to guarantee operating and road safety of the vehicle, may be given by the tenant to the price by EUR 50, -- readily, larger repairs only with consent by Gold Rent a Car in order. Gold Rent a Car pays the repair costs after collecting main of the appropriate vouchers, as far as the tenant is not responsible for the damage (see number 10).

8.Parking the vehicle

If the car or motorbike is not in use, the tenant has to get sure, that the vehicle is locked, the steering lock is engaged and the handbrake is tightened. If he is leaving the car he has to take the papers and the key and and to keep them at a safe place. If the key or the papers get lost in case of gross negligence, the tenant is accountable for the costs unattached from the chosen insurance.

9. Behavior in accidents

The tenant has to inform the police and Gold Rent a Car services after an accident, fire, robbery or other damage immediately. The police has to prepare in each case an accident report that includes an alcohol test. Without accident report the tenant has to adjust any costs arising of it. This is also valid in accidents without partizipation of others. It is not allowed to admit a claim. The tenant has to inform Gold Rent a Car even in case of small damages with a report, as possible with photos. The accident report has to include all names and adresses of partizipants and witnesses.

10. Insurance cover

The vehicle is insured to the extent of the act liability insurance. The vehicle is insured with comprehensive cover and self participation in accordance with the contract when stipulated use (see numbers. 5, 6, 8, 10)

11. Liability of the tenant

In accident damage, loss, theft, misuse of the vehicle or breach of contract in accordance with Number 5, 6 and 8 the tenant is accountable for repair costs, in total damage for replacement value (less residual value) of the vehicle, if the tenant or driver is responsible for that damage. He is also responsible for all other following costs, especially decline in value, cost for appraiser etc .In case of loss of the vehicle papers the tenant is responsible for all following costs.

Gold Rent a Car releases the tenant on the principles of comprehensive cover except amount retained as per contract.

The liability release does not release of the obligations in Number 5, 6 and 8 of these conditions. The tenant has full responsibility growed out at injury of the contractual obligations, especially for damages in use through a not justified driver (No. 5) or to forbidden purpose (No. 6). In cause of escape after a commited accident or injuring the duties in accordance with figure 8, the tenant is absolutely liable, except this has no effect on assessment of damage. The tenant is also absolutely liable in case of gross negligence or premeditation, especially in alcohol caused accidents, damages from loading or improper use of the vehicle (for example wrong fuel).


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